"Not Your Ordinary Paper Beads!"

Welcome To Margabeada Girl!

Paper beads are my passion and I love making beautiful, unique one of a kind paper beads that I then use to make stunning paper bead jewelry with a tropical feel. I am a self taught artist.  I design and create each and every individual paper bead myself in my studio.  I hand cut each paper, roll each individual bead and then coat the bead with several coats of different protectants using a small brush. I'm currently using different mediums and techniques on my paper beads to create beads that range from being whimsical to having great texture and dimension.  My beads are very colorful, hard and durable yet very lightweight making them very comfortable to wear.  Each piece is unique to itself and no two paper bead pieces are ever the same.  I love creating custom orders for my customers by using personal mementos they provide to me.  I've used actual photographs, copied photos, wedding invitations, birthday cards, funeral memorial cards, birth announcements, Christmas photo cards and much more.  These custom orders make very unique and personal gifts not to mention great  conversation starters!   Take a look around and you're sure to find some interesting paper beads, bracelets and jewelry with a fun and flirty beachy bohemian flair!  Learn more about me by going to my about page!

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